stainless steel tube packaging machine


Power Packaging of 180 degree Steel Coil Tilter
In 1998, within the city of shanghai founded SHJLPACK Packaging Machine Corporation. SHJLPACK grew to become noted for its simplicity and reliability. Energy packaging may be the premier provider of producing and packaging services towards the world’s biggest consumer packed cargos (SHJLPACK) companies. Using more than 100 affiliates, we operate many manufacturing facilities with the ability to manage large, integrated manufacturing projects and more compact-scale pilot runs for turnover mild steel tube mill and steel-sheets items.

stainless steel tube packaging machine
stainless steel tube packaging machine

The Style of stainless steel tube packaging machine enables for incremental changes within the position from the coil. Simplifying the operation to push-button controls and integrating forklift spacers improves the general advantages of this machine and reduces the requirement for cranes and extra money. Project needed us to change a current the perception of a stainless steel tube packaging mcahine to match a refined group of operational needs of Customer .The biggest modification to the standard stainless steel tube packaging machine design was the necessity of coil has ability to be incrementally moved and stopped at any position within 180 levels. This needed a special style framework to permit a moving mechanism to operate .We modified the bottom of the stainless steel tube packaging mcahine to ensure that it might have built-in forklift. Our Customer can’t only load and unload the tilter effort, they are able to easily move it around their production area having a forklift .Much like previous projects, we utilized as many standard components as you possibly can to make sure easy maintenance, and quality motors and electrical parts acquired in your area to prevent pricey delays in parts alternative later in life.

stainless steel tube packaging machine better of mild steel tube mill and steel-sheets Packaging 2015 includes the most effective ideas from brand entrepreneurs, packagers, and entrepreneurs concerning how to make your packaging that compelling. Arrive for your second annual Better of steel-sheets and steel-sheets Packaging conference where top professionals will share their experience to the development process, technology, material enhancements, and provide chain safety from the presentation October.

SHJLPACK – with Series, operator can select up thin strip metal coil from top surface, keeping center hole clear, after which manipulate and cargo it onto mandrel. Lifter-tilter is operated by compressed air and uses rubber vacuum suction pads or any other materials, based upon coil dimensions and customer needs. Featuring fully adjustable and lockable energy slanting, controlled by joystick, vacuum suction pads are set up to avoid telescoping.


The entire slitting steel coil packaging line

coil packaging line
coil packaging line
COIL packing line, coil packaging solution
coil packaging line for steel coil.wire, cooper, hose


Basic technological variables for coil packaging line:

1.1 Relevant substance:

(1) cold / very hot rolled co2 metal (δb≤520MPa,δs≤345MPa)

(2) Fullness of metallic strip: .3-1.0mm

(3) Size of steel strip: 25-80mm

(4) Coil I.D.: Φ350-Φ450mm

(5) Coil O.D.: Φ600-Φ1000mm

(6) Max. coil bodyweight: 800kg

1.2 Dimension selection of done tube:

(1) O.D.: Φ8-Φ25mm

(2) Wall thickness: .3-1.0mm (sq . pipe≤0.8mm)

(3) Size: 4-8m

1.3 Procedure flow:

Metal coil→ decoiling → shearing and butt welding →accumulating → non-energy progressing →forming →high-regularity welding → deburring→ cooling → sizing →straightening → fixed length cutting → delivering

1.4 Line pace: 20-100m/minutes

1.5 Substantial-regularity strength: strong status 100 kW

1.6 Complete line flooring area: L×W=30 × 4.5 m

1.7 Set up ability:

a. Engine power: 30kW 7.5kW 4kW 1.5kW 2.2kW =45.2 kW

b. High consistency welder: strong state 100 kW

1.8 Power source: AC 3-380V / 50Hz

2. Intro of main components:

2.1 Decoiler: Increase-part 360o rotary manual growth, which make sure steel coil providing alternatively to make metallic strip entering accumulator freely.

2.2 Shear and butt welder: Which ensure 2 coil metallic strips shearing tidily and then welding collectively.

2.3 Accumulator and steel coil packaging line:

(1) Structure: Cage-kind metallic welded framework with auto providing system.

(2) Changing technique: Guide spiral adjusting.

(3) Amassing quantity: 150-300m.

2.4 welding, sizing and Forming unit:

(1) Supply leveler:

Sort: 7 inactive questing rollers for leveling metal strip to really make it getting into roll developing device properly.

Side information curler: 1 match

(2) Roll forming gadget:

Roll-developing steel control and strip weld seam.

a. Horizontal roller stay:

Amount: 8

Structure: steel throwing, double gantry frame, part curler changing

Horizontal roller shaft diameter: Φ36mm, substance: 40Cr

b. Straight curler stay:

Amount: 9

Type: Unaggressive rotation

Diameter of vertical curler shaft: Φ20mm, material: 45# metal

c. Sub-driven equipment package

Quantity: 8

Framework: Spiral bevel items, cylindrical items and steel coil packaging line

Substance: outer shell: QT50, Spiral bevel gear: 20CrMnTi, cylindrical equipment: 40Cr, feedback And production shaft: 40Cr

Power transmission: 16 personal computers of cardan shaft

(3) squeezing, welding and Guiding deburring gadget:

a. 1 list of information roll stand for handling weld seam path

b. 2 groups of contracting roll represent handling weld seam to realize qualified welding.

c. 2 sets of deburring frame for deburring the outside weld seam

(4) 1 set of chilling drinking water reservoir: duration 500mm.

(5) Sizing device:

Fine shaping and control dimensions precision right after welding. Each and every 6 groups of horizontal roll remain, top to bottom roll stay and sub-powered gearbox, 12 personal computers of cardan shafts. (Same structure as creating product)

(6) Straightening device:

Sort: Turk’s head sort, 2 rolls × 2 units

(7) Principal traveling method:

a. Primary electric motor: Z4 collection DC 30 kW 1 set

b. Principal reducer: ZLY160 4-out shafts 1 established

The different wrapping machine

automatic robot stretch wrapper
automatic robot wrapper
Wrapping MachineA wrapping machine which wraps deformable e.g. aluminium foil or , in .Extruded

 stretch WrapperA

 stretch wrapping machine that wraps in extrudable butter or to wrapping deformable .

Wrapping Machine

use to or candies.Overwrapping Machine

A wrapping machine which wraps

or in packaging with , or gluing .Roll stetch Wrapping Machine

A wrapping machine which wraps a cylindrical

or , in , or gluing , roll pack. are packing biscuits or confectionery.

Wrapping Machine

some confectionery.Pleat Wrapping Machine

A coil wrapping machine line which

and at . is wrapping.Stretch Film Wrapping Machine


MachineA wrapping machine

a thermoplastic film its . in or in , stationery or greeting . a shrink tunnel.

Wrapping MachineA wrapping machine which

of thermoplastic a pack, overlapping film pack pack horizontally. machine bundles of .

PackerA machine which

a cartonboard by thermoplastic film , film a and cartonboard . in and and . It Blister Packing preformed cartonboard.

stretch wrapping machine and wrapping solution

Stretch Wrapping Machines packaging , (e.g. , aluminium, film), or . Other of packaging are (see ). wrapping are sub- . is shrink wrapping by a thermoplastic or , them . wrapping and packaging of bricks pallet.

 stretch wrapping , , in , for from confectionery ( .

this packaging any in use , or toiletries and . Some in e.g. packaging for wrapping for , or .

wrappers at , confectionery .When wrapping

for or in multipacks for , for , then . Machines

to (see Palletising) .

robot palletizer in packing line

palletizer, pallet packing machine
palletizer, pallet packing machine

Pallet Forming, Dismantling and Securing machines are packaging machines that construct or dismantle pallet tons of items, groups of offers or firm storage units on a pallet, with little if any manual involvement, and safe the stress on the pallet for security and stability throughout travel.

Contemporary warehousing and distribution techniques indicate just about every industry utilizes pallets for storage and transport with their products. It is now common to see bricks and sacks of cement and sand getting moved for their reason for use over a pallet protected by a plastic film extended or shrunk round the fill.

A recently available application for this sort of machinery has become to create the store-all set pallets, mini-pallets and dollies which food markets are demanding for quickly-shifting product lines not just to reduce the use of transportation packing materials but in addition minimize the quantity of labor needed in retail store to prepare products all set for sale.

Equally as technology has been created to weight and protected pallets in high quantity surroundings, machines to de-palletise or un-load full pallets of rigorous storage containers or crates are also developed to systemize the front side of conclusion of creation lines.

For safety, brand name picture, security and weather safety good reasons, various kinds of pallet load acquiring systems happen to be created. So, for example, corrugated cases of whisky or other high value spirits are secured by an all-enveloping film of plastic material, including a top sheet to make it as hard as possible to break into the load and to ensure that products are not spoiled if they are left out in the rain; while other, less valuable and more durable products can be secured by a simple horizontal strap.

Palletizing Machines

palletizing machine, palletizer
palletizing machine,

Packaging machines that pallet or e.g. dollies of or .

Palletizing Machine

Palletiser which a of at , at , then by clamping the a stripper . The pallet . palletisers palletizing from .


palletiser which the pallet by gripping them them them pallet.

palletiser for pallets of gripped pneumatic ; for palletizing to the palletizing of hooks.

Palletising Machine

Palletiser that of at , and them a pallet or .

palletisers palletizing at that are pallet conveyors than other palletisers .


palletiser that by the .

palletiser for pallets of gripped pneumatic palletizing to the . also palletizing of hooks.


Palletiser pallets . of are pallet , are . the pallets the pallets are .

palletisers palletizing and palletise from lines.

Robot Palletiser

Palletiser, a -axis robot, programmed pallet . The , in or pallet . Robot palletisers will be in palletiser but a palletiser. Robot palletisers and .


Palletiser of then pallets . These machines only crates.

Gantry palletiser

Palletiser that a gantry a programmed pallet . , in or pallet . Gantry palletisers will be in palletiser but a palletiser. Gantry palletisers and .

Sack palletiser

Palletiser to palletise sacks, , , , robot or gantry .

The pallet packing solution

Pallet Strapping Machine

Packaging machine which a strap, or , pallet and secures it by the strap or pallet. Machines will the pallet machine pallet conveyor in . On some machines the pallet is 90° .

Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine

Packaging machine that a strap, or , horizontally a pallet . The strapping can pallet at .

Pallet Strapping Machine

These machines pallets of corrugated .

Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Packaging machine that wraps in thermoplastic film , spiral reel, are rotated turntable. of stretch-wrapping for and .

Robot Pallet Stretch Wrapper

The robot wheeled and it pallet. of stretch-wrapping for .

Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Packaging machine that wraps a pallet in thermoplastic film , spiral reel a rotated pallet. of stretch-wrapping for pallet .

Two Reel Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Packaging machine that wraps a pallet in thermoplastic film , spiral from two reels which a pallet. of stretch-wrapping .

Stretch Hood Applicator

Packaging machine that wraps a pallet in thermoplastic film reel of . A film is at . of stretch-wrapping for .

Automatic pallet wrapping machine
Automatic pallet wrapping machine

horizontal stretch wrapping system for max pallet protection

Stretch wrapping machine 6 sides packing
Orion Packaging its new AXIS horizontal stretch wrapping pallet . AXIS film pallet in , or .

AXIS the of Orion’s MA-DX and orbital, wrapping machines , -to-use, . AXIS roped film and webs . AXIS and poly strapping for in .

The AXIS Orion’s pre-stretch film , InstaThread, which elongates stretch film 260 . InstaThread an that film is for . Orion its pre-stretch on pre-stretch rollers.

, conveyors the pallet AXIS MA-DX a 30- InstaThread film carriage. The MA-DX film to ropes or webs. then AXIS orbital machine wrapping on all . The AXIS orbital wrapper two 20- InstaThread film carriages film and an 80- pallets. AXIS orbital film carriages any and roping .

AXIS 4,500 and 50-75 . For -of-use, Orion AXIS PLC Machine , , and 2 .

orbital stretch wrapper system

horizontal orbital stretch wrapper packing
horizontal orbital stretch wrapper packing system

Fhope will be the top maker of straight wrapping methods for commercial goods.

This is the  customer build solution from the industrial goods branch, as a specialist for vertical orbital wrapping machines for various industrial goods that require a high level and top degree of load securing.

Totally-automatic top to bottom full size packaging methods such as impressive parachute technologies (pallet weight acquiring for top-carrier storage space techniques)


6-sided complete stretch-film packaging with dust proof.

very high degree of weight safety – for hefty products, no additional strapping needed

water-proof and dustproof packaging

Pure stretch wrapping  film packaging without any additional vitality spending – energy fuel or electricity

Parachute technology for products to be saved in high-rack storage

Extremely high packaging ability feasible per different requirement

Aluminum profile packaging machine line


Aluminum packaging line from Chinese manufacturer—–Fhope packaging machinery co.,ltd

  1. set of No.4 Hydraulic lifters

These are positioned under the skip unloading positions and are designed to automatically maintain the height of the top layer of profiles being lifted out of or into a skip.Standard lifing capacity is 400 kg per unit.Includes photocells ,electrical part and all hydraulics,

Max.lifting  stroke : 800 mm

Lifing time : approximately 40 secs


aluminum packing machinery
aluminum packing machinery–Conveyor
  1. Set of infeed conveyors to protective machine

Motorized roller conveyor for loading the profiles into the adhesive application machine.Includes 3 sets of vertical rolller for centering the profiles as they are loaded into the machine .

Roller conveyor working length : 9000 mm

Working height : 1000 mm

Motor power : 0.37kw

Roller covering :non marking PVC

Maximum loading speed : 60 m/min

Aluminum packaging machine-conveyor
Aluminum packaging machine-conveyor
  1. Adhesive film machine moodfi “884”(continuous operation with automatic cut )

Newly designed machine designed to attach an adhesive film to top and bottom faces of the profiles smoothly and without creating blisters in the film itself .The machine includes a blade unit for cutting the adhesive tape between one profile and the next profile ,without stopping the machine for each cutting cycle .The newly designed blade unit ensures a clean cut with the elimination of any overhanging tape.


aluminum film covering machine
aluminum film covering packing machine



Time required to replace a roll of adhesive film : approximately 45 seconds

Time required to change the type of profile :less than 2 minutes

Maximum operating speed : 60 m/minute(7*8 m long profiles per minute)

Roll dimensions :

Internal diameter 75 mm

Max external diameter :200 mm

Max width :300 mm

Max profile with :300mm

Max profile height :200 mm

Included in the supply : kit for applying adhesive film to both side face of the profiles when necessary (max height 200 mm)


  1. Outfeed belt conveyor

This belt conveyor is designed to auotomatically transfer profiles out of the adhesive film application machine.

Working width :400 mm

Working length : 9700 mm

Working height : 1000mm

Working speed : 60 m /minute

Belt material : hard wearing  green PVC


Aluminum profile packaging line
Aluminum profile packaging line


5 .set of 4 cross transfer belts


These belt conveyors are designed to automatically transfer profiles across from the adhesive film line to the wrapping machine line.

Number of belts : 4

Working width : 80 mm

Working length :3200 mm

Working height : 1000 mm

Working speed : 10 m /min

Belt material : hard wearing green PVC


6F.R.sub-bundle  roller conveyor



Manufactured in a welded steel frame ,this conveyor comprises a combination of motorized as welll as idle high density rollers supported by bearings ,pneumatic centring systems that guide the bundles with a self –adjusting closing action according to the bundle dimensions .Individual or sub-bundles of the profiles are loaded either automatically (single profiles)or manually when sub-bundles need to be made up by the operators)onto the roller conveyor by mechanically operated lift over arms (4) which are lifted over by a cam device on a connecting rod .roller system driven by means of an electronic driver ,pinch-roll feeding system controlled electronically which prevents contact between the rear of one bundle and the front of the next one .The system is fitted with a :pincer system “for centring the profiles while they are being lifted across onto the roller conveyor .

Machine size : 500 mm

Width (standard ) :9200 mm

Number of cam –operated lift over arms : 4

Working height   : 1000 mm

Max sub-bundle feed speed (standard): 40 m/min

Drive system : motor gear with inverter

Motor  power : 0.37 kw


7.large spiral wrapping machine model “F.A.2”


Aluminum packing system 1
Aluminum packing system 1

Aluminum packaging line and Machine designed with a compact steel frame .Replacement of wrapping material is carried out quickly and easily (under one minute )using bayonet type quick change holders for rolls of wrapping materials .profiles are drawn through the machine by a series of rollers which open and close automatically ,allowing bundles with different dimensions to pass through automatically without stopping the machine ,The wrapping device is composed of a rotor which rotatess and holds the roll of wrapping film which is supported by a mandrel with specially designed dutch designed to maintain the tension constant until the roll is finished .Thees rolls are easily and quickly replacec in less than one minute .The speed is regulated by means of an electronic inverter controlled through a potentionmeter situated on the main control panel .An automatic device senses when the roll has run out or should the wrapping material tear ,bringing the machine to a complete stop and warning  the operator .Machine designed to operate in “stop and go “ mode with a blade cutting the wrapping material automatically at the end of the each wrapping cycle .



Speed regulation  : by inverter

Machine size (standard )

Width       1500 mm

Height       1500 mm

Length         1600mm

Maximum speed 40 m per minute in “continous “mode (standard machine )

Maximum bundle sizes : rectangular 300m m wide * 200 mm high or 150*150mm square

Minimum bundle sizes : rectangular 40mm wide *20mm high or 40*40 mm square


Wrapping material used :

Nr.2 rolls of nylon strech film or paper :

Outer diameter :maximum 350 mm

Inner diameter  : maximum 50 or 76 mm(to be confirmed)

Width 100/120 mm



8.taping machine model “N.M.P.3”(continuous operation )

aluminum wrapping machine
aluminum wrapping machine

Aluminum Profile

This machine tapes the front and back of the profiles as they are moving through it and dose not need to stop ,taping “on the fly “.It tapes several spirals (binding coils) to the front and back end of each bundles tjo prevent the wrapping material from unravelling .It is programmed to tape the profiles according to the speed of the wrapping machine lying before it ,Used mainly when wrapping with paper or nylon which is particularly prone to tearing and wnravelling .When wrapping with strech film ,the machine can be paused and switched to idle mode .

Taping material :no.2 adhesive tape rolls

Innner diameter : 75 mm

External diameter : 120mm

Machine dimensions :

Width :1100mm approx

Length : 1800 mm approx

Height : 1400 mm approx

Machine characteristics :


Motor power total 1 kw

Nr.5 pneumatic devices

Max taping speed : 40 m per minute (standard )

Recommend  dimensions of the reels of adhesive tape :

No.2 PVC reels:

Internal diameter  75 mm

External diameter : 120 mm

Width : 20 mm


  1. outfeed roller conveyor with automatic bundle stacker modle


This machine is fitted with a pinch-roller device which is acceleratd by an inverter.It carries out the detachment of the finished bundle and then stops in the right position,aligned for the formation of the bundle layers.Idle roller length 8000mm with pneumatic guides.Automatic device with lifters for the formation of the bundles.A special pneumatically operated device automatically interlaces a nylon cord between each layer of profile bundles while it is in production to prevent these from sliding over when moved .This machine is continuously fed by the bundles coming form the wrapping machine ; it superimposes them layer on the layer producing in this way a bundle of the size chosed by the operated on the main control panel .


Characteristics ( for standard machine ):

Wrapped bundles from 3000 mm up to 7000mm in length

Maximum speed : 40 m/minute

Finished bundle size : max width 600 m (800 mm on request )

Max height 600 mm (800 mm  is  on request )

Bundle –maximum weight  :2000 kg

Machine size (standard ):

Width   2400 mm

Length   8000 mm

Height   1300 mm

Weight    1300 kgs

10.cross transfer chain conveyors


These chain conveyors are designed to cross transfer the stacked bundles onto the next machine after the automatic bundle stacker.

Number of the chains : 5

Maximum bundle length : 7000 mm

Working length: 2500 mm

Working height : 300 mm

Working speed : 10 m/ min

Chain material: steel with vulcanized rubber caps



11.Second  exit roller  conveyor


When the profiles /sub-bundles need to be stacked and packed manually ,the second exit is uesd to transfer the profiles to the manual packing line , the machine  includes a pneumatically operated pantograph used to push the profiles across onto the accumulation belts.\

Working length :  10000mm

Working height : 1000mm

Roller material :PVC

Working speed : 40 m/ min

  1. belt conveyors for profiles cross transfer and accumunition

These conveyors are used to transfwer the profiles / sub-bundles across to the manual packing line .They are fitted with sensors at the end of the belts to prevent the profiles from falling off .


Number of the conveyors : 4

Working length :  1100mm

Working height : 1000mm

Belt material : white nylon (unichain)

Working speed : 10 m/ min


  1. set of 5 loading chain conveyors for bundle formation


These conveyors are used by the operators to form the bundles and transfer them across onto the main chain conveyors .

Number of the conveyors : 5

Working length :  1200mm


Working height : 500mm

Chain material : steel

Working speed : 10 m/ min

  1. NR.2 sections loading chain conveyors for the bundles


These conveyors are used to transfer the bundles to the strapping line .


Number of the conveyors : 2

Working length : total  18000mm (2*9000mm)

Working height : 500mm

Working width : 1000mm

Chain material : steel

Working speed : 10 m/ min

  1. set of loading /unloading chain conveyors for bundles


These conveyors are used to either load or unload the bundles onto the main chain conveyors leading to the strapping line .


Number of the conveyors : 5

Working length : total  2000m

Working height : 500mm

Chain material : steel

Working speed : 10 m/ min

  1. bundle strapping with wood blocking device


This machine is designed to strap the completed bundles with the wood blocks ( upper ,lower and side wood block ) before the shipping .The strapper itself is equipped with a wood blocking device for clamping the upper ,lower and side wood blocks during the strapping operation .

Drive motor :  TFC240/415V ,50 HZ, 0.75KW

Strapping tension : 0- 800 kg (PET straps )

Strap speed : 2.5m/sec

Strap width : from 12mm – 19 mm

Strap thickness : 0.6-1.3 mm

Noise     : max 80 .Dba

Head dimensions : W292*L 736*H 305

17.intermediate chain conveyor

This conveyor connects the bundles strapper to the main bundle wrapper .

Working length : 4800m

Working height : 500mm

Working width : 1000mm

Chain material : steel

Working speed : 10 m/ min

  1. master bundle wrapper


Aluminum bundle wrapping machine
Aluminum bundle wrapping machine

Sturdy machine which ensures the rapid and uniform bundle wrapping .The master packs fo profiles are fed into the machine by the intermediate chain conveyor .The bundles is wrapped by means of a single roll of polythene mounted onto a mandrel which rotates on a rotor and guide by special clutches to control the wrapping tension .The rolls of wrapping material can be replaced quickly and easily .The machine is fitted with an electric device which controls if the material has run out or has torn and automatically stops the machine ,The wrapping cycle is completely automatic.A specially designed clamp is used to hold the first part of the strech film for a consecutive wrapping cycle meaning that the re-starting of the machine for each new bundle to be wrapped is completely automatic.The machine can be proframmed to wrap the whole bundel or partially ( for example : front ,middle and end ) as required .


Speed 10 meter per minute in continuous mode (standard)

Speed regulation by inverter

Dimensions of the bundle(standard)

Width : 200 – 800 mm

Height : 100- 600 mm

Length min. 2500 mm

Dimensions of the suggested roll or wrapping material ( standard )

Single nylon roll :

Maximum : outer diameter  230 mm

Inner diameter : 76 mm

Width : 250 m m


  1. Final exit chain conveyor for stapped bundles


Automatic strapping machine
Automatic strapping machine

Working length : 7500m

Working height : 500mm

Chain material : steel

Working speed : 10 m/ min

  1. set of 5 conveyors for bundles accumuiation


Working length : 3600m

Working height : 500mm

Working width : 1000mm

Chain material : steel

Maximum load : 12000kgs

Working speed : 10 m/ min

: 250 m m

76 mm

terial ( standard )


ially ( for example : front ,middle and end ) as required .

Another aluminum tube packing line
Another aluminum tube packing line

Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper

The post is reforce form

Semiauto horizontal wrapper

  • Semiauto horizontal orbital wrapping machine  S300Semiauto horizontal orbital wrapping machine S300The semiauto orbital stretch wrapper is able work with paper,woven, knit belt and stretch film spiral wrapping for aluminum, profile, timber, furniture…The rotating speed upto 100R per minute. The conveyor can be roller table or PVC table per different packing requirement….
  • Semiauto horizontal orbital wrapping machine S200Semiauto horizontal orbital wrapping machine S200lThe machine can be connect with the production line for automatic operation. lDouble-ring double-rub wheel devices make working more safe stable energetic. lPLC HMI are adopted. lPhotocell sensor is adopted for setting packing positionautomatically. lIndicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown automa…
  • Semi auto horizontal orbital stretch wrapper S100Semi auto horizontal orbital stretch wrapper S100Such a semi auto orbital wrapping machine have a very good price. The machine have infeeding and out feeding conveyor, supportive roller and packing material roll. It makes machine support different packing process…

Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper

  • E2400 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE2400 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineThe big ring orbital packing machine for big objects packaging: Such as steel tube, steel rod, aluminum profile, motor, reel,pallet… The conveyor is changeable per different weigh and package. Roller conveyor covered with PU for package surface protection. Fork man loading position for easy handling. Different packaging mater…
  • E1800 Horizontal orbital stretch wrapperE1800 Horizontal orbital stretch wrapperAutomatic stretch wrapper For Wide object packaging, such as: Door, window, panel, board, sheet… There are different device and designing special for features of your package, such as press down device for holding the light package, consistence tension control make machine both for small and big package……
  • E1400 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE1400 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE1400 Horizontal stretch wrapping machine is the most popular one for door, MDF board, sandwich panel wrapping. With centering entry conveyor and automatic positioning function, the package go to orbital wrapper and stop position is adjustable. Packing material size can be width 500mm. Pre-stretch film packing is available……
  • E1000 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE1000 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineorbital ring stretch wrapper & film wrapping machine:we are offering automatic wrapper with different ring size for package with different OD as long as customize solution per your packaging goal. Following are some orbital stretch wrappers designed for wrap load Package OD….
  • E600 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE600 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineSpiral wrapping machine & orbital wrapper manufacturer:The package load is automatically transferred throughout the wrapping station where expand film is used. Providing local customer service with installation and commissioning….
  • E500 horizontal wrapping machine&stretch wrapperE500 horizontal wrapping machine&stretch wrapperAutomatic horizontal spiral wrapping machine works for long shape products with OD<500mm. It was designed to used to match a variety of packaging goal and handling situations.The option film sealing and covering device can be add to the wrapper for full sides packaging. The ring turning speed upto 90r/mim….
  • E400 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE400 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineHorizontal ring stretch wrapping machine E400 with 2mx2 conveyor and two press down device and modular structure.The machine covered with guide to protect the operation in wrapping. It is EU strand orbital wrapper for styles packages.The machine is able do packing quickly, securely, and economically for your products in seconds….
  • E300 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE300 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineThe top popular horizontal wrapper in the market. Because of it is able wrapping the small package too. So that for many bundle, profile, board, only one E300 orbital wrapper is able wrapping the package from OD:50-300mm. Different length conveyor and film tail treating device can be an option for high efficiency packaging.It wor…
  • E200 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE200 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineThe orbital wrapper suitable for long products such as pipe bundle and panels. It is able wrapping the motor on tray, timber wooden…The E200 can be equipped with different options for packaging goal. It possibility to equipped special press unit for protecting the packaging in wrapping without damage the surface….
  • E100 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE100 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineThis is a kind of small ring automatic horizontal stretch wrapper. It apply with PE, woven, stretch film, paper for aluminum profile, copper sheet wrapping…The machine with program control to help non skill ed operator easy operation and handling the package in high speed….

Customize orbital wrapper

  • Pipe Horizontal Orbital Wrapping MachinePipe Horizontal Orbital Wrapping MachineThe orbital wrapping machine is mainly for steel tube bundle stretch film and paper packing. It can be installing and running easily by Non-technical or technical personnel in one hour or less. The film width is 500mm by stretch. …
  • Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine for rod and barHorizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine for rod and barThe orbital wrapping machine for rod is fitted with vertical support rollers designed to maintain the package during formation and transport. The machine designed with vertical support rollers are pneumatically adjusted to the correct size of the package being formed….
  • Aluminum Horizontal Orbital Wrapping MachineAluminum Horizontal Orbital Wrapping MachineAluminum packaging machine,aluminum profile wrapper is for the transport of the profiles in and out of the sub-bundle wrapping machine. The infeed roller table is outfitted with centering rollers to maintain the profiles centered on the roller table prior to entering the wrapping machine. …
  • Profile Horizontal Orbital Wrapping MachineProfile Horizontal Orbital Wrapping MachineProfile orbital wrapping machine with high speed wrapping which can make manual packaging completely eliminated.The most important thing is security, which is very important for the wrapper to provide user security. …
  • Spiral Orbital WrapperSpiral Orbital WrapperBy FHOPE Spiral wrapping machine,spiral wrapper, you will get protected during transportation ,after effectively unitizing the pallet by stretch wrapped.And we have listed the adavantages for you as below….
  • Horizontal Ring Stretch wrapperHorizontal Ring Stretch wrapperThe orbital stretch wrapper has a proven history of developing distinctive machines wrapping and innovative options to satisfy, to easy operation, for save money…It was use to wrapping the product load on pallet too….
  • Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine for palletHorizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine for palletPanel horizontal orbital wrapper provides solution for automatic wooden panel in feeding and pallet wrapping. This is a machine helps to reduce labor costs. Chinese supplier of wooden packaging machine Fhope…
  • Horizontal Orbital Stretch WrapperHorizontal Orbital Stretch WrapperThis is an orbital packaging packaging solution produced by China’s horizontal orbital stretch packaging design company, which is used to long shape package such MDF panel,fibreboard,aluminum… to reduce labor costs. Chinese supplier Fhope…
  • Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper with wooden feedingHorizontal orbital stretch wrapper with wooden feedingThe automatic orbital wrapping machine is able feeding the timber block, spacer at top&bottom of the bundle and wrapping tightly with stretch film.The machine can be used in packing bars, stainless steel tube, aluminum, profile……
  • Furniture stretch wrapping machineFurniture stretch wrapping machineFurniture wrapping machine and packing machine for kitchen door, kitchen glass window, sofa, chest packaging. The solution is able protect the package with good tension and whole sides covered packaging. Designing according the furniture specification is available tool…





end mill with advanced ceramics level ensures higher productivity

When you run faster than the current parameters, check the maximum rotation limit for g-code.
HG1 can provide significant productivity differences, especially when running a part of 20 or larger diameter.
Super alloy super high speed finishing
High-speed completion of rotation can be done at 800SFM or higher
Compared with CDBN cutter, advanced wear resistance
Better than CDBN or carbides
Upper surface paint film and CBNs and coating carbides
Tips for HG2
HG2 works well on Inconel 7318 and Inconel 6325.
The e02 mill is the first piece of advice.
And the larger the radius
When you run faster than the current parameters, check the maximum rotation limit for g-code per end mill.
AHQ’s advanced ceramics level ensures higher productivity for users. All grades show excellent high temperature hardness, heat resistance and chemical stability. AHQ provides various types of ceramic tool materials (silicon nitride, aluminum base and whisker) to meet customer needs.
High resistance to oxidation and adhesion. The ceramic utilizes thermochemical stable alumina. The ceramic is best suited for high speed cutting applications where the cutting temperature is high and there is no coolant.
Alumina ceramics based on high pure aluminum enhanced hard alloy ceramics. The result of this process is that ceramic materials perform well under wet or dry cutting conditions. As an additional advantage, hardness and toughness have been improved to enable some of the interrupted cutting to be processed. This ceramic material has high thermal hardness and low plasticity. It needs to be cut and hardened.
The H2
characteristic from
The equilibrium content of aluminum oxide and titanium carbide (Al2O3+TiC) under pressure
Stable performance under extensive machining conditions
Universal ceramics works well in a wide range of cutting applications
Applied to grinding roller hard turning application
Excellent toughness and wear resistance
characteristic of end mill
Designed for ductile iron or nodular cast iron
Ceramic ceramics with high cutting speed to improve wear resistance
Tin – plated high-grade ceramic grade and all NTK ceramics grade the best grain
Best used for hard applications (HRC 55-70)
The gold coating makes edge wear easy to detect.
Excellent abrasion resistance, in a wide range of applications, such as carburizing or induction hardening steel (HRC 30-62)
The high quality surface is inserted with a wiper face
Tin coating ZC7 is available in various geometric shapes

cutting tool manufacturer in China

With the developing of machine cutting tools and tool materials, technological progress, high-speed cutting technology has been developed by leaps and bounds.

At present, the internationally renowned tool companies own a high-speed aluminum alloy processing carbide cutting tool products. Among them: J Tools, F company products are more mature, full range, variety; the other S companies have also launched a high-speed cutting tool for aluminum.

China’s high-speed cutting technology started late until the late eighties of last century, foreign high-speed processing technology, large-scale application, China begin to understanding the high-speed processing technology, great prospect of development and application potential. In 1987, B University of Science and Technology, T University collected and compiled large number of high-speed cutting of technical information and high-speed cutting technology research, also published a number of research articles, 90 years later, the National Natural Fund funded a series of high-speed cutting related technology of research work, including S University and B Institute of Technology in high-speed cutting mechanism research and tool development also makes a lots of efforts. But at present, it is no mature product line, high-speed processing tool to rely heavily on imports, research high-speed processing design mechanism, the development of carbide cutting-edge high-speed series is necessary.About the high-speed end mill design principles of the relationship.There have several forms of tool failure. First, in the cutting process, the tool in the initial state, because of thestrength, causes fracture, tool failure immediately, this tool is certainly failure, which can be used to calculate the static analysis, this analysis can be called FA; second, the tool in the cutting process due to the tool vibration, so the tool life and the workpiece can’t meet the actual requirements of the cutting process with the tool vibration analysis called FS; Third, the cutting tool in the cutting process, due to the tool rake angle and flank wear too much or due to the cutting edge of the tool, the tool can not meet the requirements, because is due to the tool nose and flank face chip and processed surface pressure, resulting in friction, high temperature, it is reduced the tool hardness, easier to wear, this analysis called FM.

 DLTEK550 series-Radiused bottom engraving bits

coil upender website


coil upnder, coil tilter

The 20 years experience coil upneder manufacturer provides handle solution for your heavy load. Fhopepack team is more than please to help to get your requirement after the analysis handing. We can helping you to find the right solution of tilter and upender for operation and moving process with our Coil tilter, molde upender,coil upender in mechnical and hydraulic driving. Our equipments was applied for following industries.Upender/tilter is usually for handling the coils, mould, roll…


1.Steel  industry

2. Wire industry

3.Aluminum coil industry

4.Copper coil industry

5.Mould industry

6.Wheel spool


The web site shows the coil tilte and upender solution.

The machines and vary from different size of packaging.

Such as reel, paper roll, mold…

And the video for the operation steps…

horizontal stretch wrapper manufacturer in China TOP3


1. Fhope packaging machine co.,ltd.

There are provided all kind of orbital wrapper for long shape package.

You can have customized horizontal stretch wrapper solution from their technical team for free.



The above video is the solution for aluminum bundle, tube bundle packaging. Their factory locate at SHANGHAI.

They are mainly for economic stretch wrapper solution. You can have more information from


3.  Lupacking


One of company do business in horizontal orbital stretch wrapper very early. Comparing to another competitor their mainly in domestic market. And the small wrapper is the advantage.



End mills used for packing machine industry production

Following tools was used to packing machine industry production.

 is the machining process of using rotary cutters to remove material from a workpiece by advancing (or feeding) in a direction at an angle with the axis of the tool. It covers a wide variety of different operations and machines, on scales from small individual parts to large, heavy-duty gang milling operations. It is one of the most commonly used processes in industry and machine shops today for machining parts to precise sizes and shapes.

Milling can be done with a wide range of machine tools. The original class of machine tools for milling was the milling machine (often called a mill). After the advent of computer numerical control (CNC), milling machines evolved into machining centers (milling machines with automatic tool changers, tool magazines or carousels, CNC control, coolant systems, and enclosures), generally classified as vertical machining centers (VMCs) and horizontal machining centers (HMCs). The integration of milling into turning environments and of turning into milling environments, begun with live tooling for lathes and the occasional use of mills for turning operations, led to a new class of machine tools, multitasking machines (MTMs), which are purpose-built to provide for a default machining strategy of using any combination of milling and turning within the same work envelope.


DLTUS600 series - General Machining of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel contains Si, Ni and other refractory metal, so it’s toughness and strength is very good. When we are manufacturing stainless steel endmills, we use micro tungsten carbide, and special coating , so that effectively improve the efficiency of the products. This series of endmills have been making from Iphone 5 fo…

DLTMJ550 series - Hardened Steels(48-55 HRC)

End mill for die is widely used, can be installed and used in pneumatic or electric tools, production efficiency and durability than the grinding wheel and increase the number of times a file. …

DLTUA600 series - High Speed Machining

DLTUA600 series – END MILL FOR High Speed Machining

Our company offers a variety of performance carbide end mills designed for milling aluminum. Each of these professional-grade cutting tools are also available with coatings, such as chromium nitride (CrN) and titanium carbonitride (TiCN), to further improve their performance and prolong their tool life….

The horizontal orbital stretch wrapper manufacturer

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper/wrapping machine is designed for the straight objects. It has a proven record of success in many industries such as profiled product, tubular product and plank stuff etc. The horizontal machine is used for the steel pipe packaging, Aluminum section packaging, Window &door wrapping, Rod packaging, panel packaging…

That is with highly speed and efficient equipment for your packaging

solution. The Horizontal orbital wrapping machine installed by Fhope are fully manufactured and designed within one of many a few manufacturing sites. The company’s authority in the markets is launched on scientific belongings: knowledge of wrapping, the complementarily of motion, the opportunity to manage turnkey finishes of series adding capabilities like stacking, conveying, wrapping, strapping, the ability to suggest options in any way generation rates of speed lastly admiration for that items and the quality of the finished product packaging.


Pipe Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine

FHOPE-F Series

Rod Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine

FHOPE-G Series

Aluminum Horizontal Orbital wrapping Machine

FHOPE-H Series

Profile Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine

FHOPE-E series

Spiral Orbital Wrapper

FHOPE-F Series

Horizontal Ring stretch wrapper

FHOPE-F Series

Horizontal stretch wrapping machine

FHOPE-F Series

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper

Using the Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper and ring type wrapping machine, LLDPE stretch film is extended as it is applied and packing requirement. Once stretch film is around the package, it contracts and enclose just like a rubber band, to keep the compression and stake package together. It prevents harm to colored, highly polished surfaces requirement which safeguard the items in transition. Avoid the requirement of interleaved buffer materials.

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper/wrapping machines can eliminate bulky, expensive packing material in wrapping like foam, tape, shrinking wrapping, paper Knit belt, string, pet belt. The highly packing speed saves you time and labor costs. All above minimize your packaging cost.

The horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine is ideal for long objects such as unitizing pipe, tube, profile, lumber, door, window, board, section,MDF wood,MDF board, textile rolls… No limited with one or more layer of stretch film or any other packing material. Over wrapping rate is adjustable according different width. You packages are protected from dust, moisture, damage。

We can provide the best horizontal orbital stretch wrapper/stretch wrapping machine solution for your needs, no matter how small or large the amount of supplies to be wrapped. The Go across Wrap bale, horizontal orbital wrapper/wrapping machine are appropriate for all commercial rectangular balers, door, profile, pipe bundle, board… Because of the modular structure, the Go across Cover covering collections can easily cover a variety of bale styles and volumes. Automatic horizontal orbital stretch wrapper is able to connect with infeed conveyor for automatic loading. Both manually operation or be a part of internal production line are available. The package load is automatically transferred throughout the wrapping station where expand film is used. Our persistence for customer service and extended service durability in our horizontal stretch wrappers and orbital stretch wrappers continues to be proven by lots of loyal clients sticking around on the very long time.


We are offering automatic wrapper with different ring size for package with different OD as long as customize solution per your packaging goal. Following are some orbital stretch wrappers designed for wrap load .

orbital stretch wrapepr& spiral wrapping machinestretch film for orbital wrapper  conveyor of orbital wrap machine

      Different size machine                             Different packing material                              Different conveyor

film carriage of orbital stretch wrap machine

       Film Carriage

orbital stretch wrapper

For long shape  packaging, such as: Pipe bundle, tube, profile, section, timber wooden…

There are several type economic stretch wrapper which is able do do high speed stretch automatic s packaging for your products. And it is able connects to your conveyor for automatic online packaging.

 door orbital wrapping machine

Automatic stretch wrapper For Wide object packaging, such as:  Door, window, panel, board, sheet…

There are different device and designing special for features of your package, such as press down device for holding the light package, consistence tension control make machine both for small and big package…

For heavy objects packaging: Such as steel tube, steel rod, aluminum profile, motor, reel…

The conveyor is changeable per different weigh and package. Roller conveyor covered with PU for package surface protection.

Fork man loading position for easy handling. Different packaging material available for durable packaging requirement.

 orbital stretch wrapper for panel

For wide&height objects packaging, such as, pallet, panels, doors… There are bubble film covering device (option) for full size packaging requirement. Au

automatic sealer for cutting the film, even paper…

The article copy from :

Stretch film manufacturer in Chinese

Following are stretch film specification from the Chinese manufacturer.

stretch hood film manufacturer
stretch hood film manufacturer and stretch film

Performance machine stretch film

Thickness 37 45 50 60 70 75 80 90 115
Width 20’’ 30’’
Length 5000’ 6000’ 7000’ 9000’
Weight 26 35 37 38 55lbs
Core ID 3inch




Machine stretch film

Thickness 45 50 60 70 75 80 90 100 115 135 150
Width 20’’ 30’’
Length 3000’ 3500’ 5000’ 6000’ 7500’ 9000’
Weight 26 30 32 35 36 39 48 52 55lbs
Core ID 3inch



Wide machine stretch film

Thickness 80
Width 40’’ 50’’ 60’’ 70’’ 80’’
Length 5000’
Weight 64 80 96 112lbs
Core ID 3inch



Pre Stretched Machine Stretch Film

Thickness 50 55 60 70 80 90
Width 20’’ 30’’
Length 5000’ 6000’ 7000’ 8000’ 9000’
Weight 30 38 36 50 54lbs
Core ID 3inch


Submit identified opportunities to Company for approval as a Registered Account. All mutually agreed Registered Accounts, will be added to Appendix A of this agreement

Go Faster! with Board Profile Orbital Stretch Wrapper

The Board  Profile Orbital Stretch Wrapper delivers new levels of speed and versatility for high productivity packaging. This family of orbital stretch wrappers is ergonomically designed for high efficiency profile stretching in board, window, door, furniture and panel applications.

Uniquely designed, these systems index a conveyor of finished items for rapid hand or automatic loading. Automatic loading, stretching, feeding film, cutting film and full integration capabilities make the solution of  choice when packaging speed and flexibility required.


High Productivity

Flexible Operation